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Our Purpose

As it has been from the beginning, our purpose goes far beyond profit. We believe PurposeBank can, and should have a positive impact on the communities we serve. 

We show commitment to our communities by supporting small businesses, hiring locally, engaging in local politics, donating to non-profits, volunteering our time, and doing all the critical things that make our neighborhoods more enjoyable. In addition to these efforts, PurposeBank also donates 10% of its profits back to local organizations working to promote, educate, and increase economic vitality in local individuals and women. 

Mission Statement

To provide intentional banking for a greater purpose.

The Story Behind PurposeBank

Our story begins in 1884 along the cobblestone streets of Ogden, Iowa. It was here where a private bank, which would later be known as VisionBank, opened its first branch, offering a safe space for locals to store their gold and silver. Over the next century, the bank grew to hold over $800 million in local deposits and become a part of the fabric of the Central Iowa community. 

In November 2021, VisionBank was classified as a Women Depository Institution (WDI). This designation prompted discussions among VisionBank leaders who decided they no longer wanted to just do work - they wanted to do good - they wanted to contribute to their greater purpose. And thus, the notion of PurposeBank was born. 

PurposeBank stands as a beacon of financial inclusion and social responsibility. Beyond offering full-service banking, it champions financial education for all and allocates 10% of its profits to support community organizations advancing the financial empowerment of women and minority individuals. Through its dual commitment to accessibility and philanthropy, PurposeBank strives to create lasting positive change in both the financial landscape and society at large.

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