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The Story Behind PurposeBank

June 3, 2022

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Our story begins in 1884 along the cobblestone streets of Ogden, Iowa. It was here where a private bank, which would later be known as VisionBank, opened its first branch, offering a safe space for locals to store their gold and silver. Over the next century, we would grow to hold over $600 million in local deposits and become a part of the fabric of the Central Iowa community. 

In November 2021, VisionBank was classified as a Women Designated Institution (WDI). This designation prompted discussions among VisionBank leaders who decided they no longer wanted to just do work - they wanted to do good - they wanted to contribute to their greater purpose. And thus, the notion of PurposeBank was born. 

With PurposeBank, we aim to provide financial education, promote banking services, and be a stable source of funding to entrepreneurs, women owned businesses, low- to moderate-income individuals, and majority minority groups throughout Central Iowa.

PurposeBank was created by open-minded bankers who want people to know that where you keep your money matters. It is designed to be a form of crowdfunding for the advancement of financial confidence and accessibility. You can contribute simply by keeping your money in a bank with values that create a better banking world. We can do this, together. 

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