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Digital Wallet

Make convenient mobile transactions everywhere.
The easy, fast and secure way to use your PurposeBank debit card.





Use your contactless debit card at retail, online and app stores and tap to pay anywhere you see the contactless symbol.

Secure access through PIN, fingerprint, face, password and pattern identification.

Send and receive payments through text messages to your enabled contacts.

Work with tablets and smart watches. 


Add your PurposeBank debit card to the Wallet app on your mobile device. 

Your card number and personal information are not stored to protect your security. 

Get started: 

Apple Pay


Google Pay

LAUNCH: If you use Touch ID, rest your finger on the sensor. For passcode or facial recognition, double click the button on the right side of your phone.

ACTIVATE: Enter your passcode, scan your fingerprint, or glance at your phone. Select PurposeBank debit card.

PAY: Hold your phone near a payment terminal until you see "Done" with a check mark or feel your phone vibrate. 


LAUNCH: From the lock screen, swipe up and select PurposeBank debit card.

ACTIVATE: Enter your pin, scan your fingerprint or scan your iris at your phone. 

PAY: Hold your phone near a payment terminal until the mobile screen displays a check mark. 


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